The following are top tips for you to improve your literacy.

28th Sep 2019 - Tips for Literature exam

We are wishing our GSCE students all the best for the first Literature exam tomorrow. Do your best:
-Write a brief plan after annotating the extract provided.
– Aim for 4 main paragraphs minimum
– Include all assessment objectives (AO1, AO2, AO3, AO4)
– Include short quotes from across the text (AO1) and don’t forget to analyse in detail (AO2), relating your analysis to contextual factors (AO3) where appropriate.
– Proof-read your work at the end (AO4)
– Use your introduction to respond to the question and set the direction of your essay.
– Use your conclusion to relate the question to the writer’s intentions and message (where appropriate).
You can do it!!!

12th Nov 2015 - Essay Writing

The main body of your essay should use the Point, Evidence, Explain format (P.E.E).

26th Aug 2015 - Capital I

Always write I (I’ll, I’m and I’ve) with a capital letter.

26th Aug 2015 - Full stop

Always end a sentence with a full-stop.

26th Aug 2015 - Sentences

A complete sentence must have a subject and a verb.