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Love Literacy has worked with various schools and alternative provisions, to support with the academic development of its students.

These include: Mayfield School, Thomas Knyvett College, Box Up Crime & Aspire AP School.

'It takes a village.'
Africant Proverb

As we know, 'Pupil Premium' students are most at risk of academic disadvantage caused by the disruption to schooling and other factors. (Education Endowment Foundation). Love Literacy joins the proverbial village; committing to supporting students, particularly with core subjects.

The Solution

One-to-one and small group tuition

There is extensive high-quality evidence demonstrating the potential of one-to-one and small group tuition […] to support pupils who are falling behind in their learning,’ according to the EEF.

By providing additional support, schools will close the attainment gaps, which have been broadened by the pandemic lockdown. Through intervention, our most vulnerable, disaffected, poverty-stricken young people will be supported through virtual classes.

Love Literacy will ‘boost progress by up to +5 months’ (EEF) and work alongside schools to equip students with the academic competence needed to improve their life-chances.

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About Us

Love Literacy is an intervention service providing additional support to students across the UK.

Who We Are

The Queen's visit

Love Literacy is run by two qualified teachers, Zara Muirhead and Cal-I Muirhead who have practised for 25 years, combined, with a Master’s degree, literacy specialism and middle leadership experience between them.

Together with a team of qualified, experienced and trained staff, Love Literacy has become a highlyrecommended education provision, due to its personalised teaching and learning. Here at Love Literacy, the learners’ needs are at its core.
HRH Queen Elizabeth presented a special poem by Love Literacy staff and students, 2015.


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For the past 8 years Love Literacy has provided tuition, consultancy, training, mentorship and coaching to hundreds of students and educators. We pride ourselves on our small class sizes of up to 8 students per teacher and the effective utilisation of Assistants to expedite progress.


Zoom meeting
Following the announcement of school closures and National lockdown measures, Love Literacy launched its KS1-4 online provision, consisting of 6-week courses. Learners actively participate in live virtual English, Maths and Literature classes, with access to their own online learning platform for homework, teacher feedback and revision.
This perfectly positions Love Literacy to provide the catch-up support recommended by the National Tutoring Programme.

Proven track record

Love Literacy has had proven success, including:
  • 90% pass rate for GCSE English, grades 4-9, including re-sit Year 12 students
  • Significantly-improved attainment of Pupil Premium students from KS1-4 one to-one and in small groups, in Maths and English
  • Primary students progress at least one level to working 'at' or' 'above' the expected standard 90% of the time
  • Students adequately prepared for SATS and 11+ examinations
  • Parents and school leaders reporting outstanding progress of primary and secondary-aged learners within 6 weeks of engagement

Why choose Us?

  • Consolidate the essential literacy and numeracy skills of the most vulnerable students within the school’s community. Prepare KS2 students for the rigour of secondary school
  • Equip students for GCSE English examinations and SATS testing
  • Online learning platform for student consolidation of understanding through online assessments and revision materials
  • Partner with a local provider who understand the school community and has demonstrated a consistent commitment to excellence; supporting learners of all ages, cultural backgrounds and abilities
  • Pre & post assessment materials and termly reviews with SLT. All resources provided by Love Literacy

Raising the academic outcomes for learners

Contact us discuss your students' needs

Trusted by parents, students & teachers

At Year 10 Lulu was on grade 3 and predicted a grade 4. […] Zara started with Lulu from scratch and was able to identify her weakness, hence building on her strength. By the end, Zara had build a very confident child. Lulu surprised herself with a grade 8 in English Language and English Literature..
~Mrs Egbom, parent
I have just received my results today and I am happy to say that I got a 9 in both English Lit and English Language. I am ever so grateful for your help and I would like to say that my grade 9 is all down to you.
~Zoya, student
As a typical teenager, I was reserved about spending my Saturday mornings doing more work. However, I am so grateful I was pushed to do more and in doing so, I achieved more. I gained a grade 5 in Maths, grade 7 in English Language and a grade 8 in English Literature. My gratitude will be everlasting.
~Veronica, student

Love Literacy was instrumental in the success of one of our students who arrived to the UK as an unaccompanied 15 year old; he had never been to school and couldn't hold a pen. [...] With her enthusiasm, expert knowledge of literacy and warm nature, Zara was successful in building on the foundations that had been laid. She provided one to one lessons, accommodating the pupil's every need- not just academically but emotionally and socially. He left us confident enough to hold a basic conversation and with enough literacy to secure a part-time job after leaving school.
~VMrs Harris, SENCO and Inclusion Manager- Mayfield School

Love Literacy

For lifelong learning

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