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Prepare for 11+ Exams through online classes

Here are some tips which will help your children excel in their 11+ exams. This time is an opportunity to cement your children's foundational English and Maths knowledge, which may seem daunting, but the pointers below...

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Help! English Exams Ahead

As a Teacher of English for over 12 years and mother for over 8 years, I know all too well how demanding life can be. As parents, we are constantly being reminded of the importance of literacy and Maths in ensuring a bright and successful future...

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5 reasons why tuition can help

Numerous studies have found benefits in small group intervention and its impact on student attainment. Here are 5 reasons tuition can help your child:  1) It allows you to extend your knowledge and practise techniques you have learnt at...

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A brief history of Love Literacy

Love Literacy started in 2012 with two students in Romford. Esther is now at University and Daniel just acquired a grade 8 in English Language. Through word of mouth, Zara tutored a few more students and a few more, and before long, realised that she...

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