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Consistently high standards

  • English & Maths

    95% pass rate for GCSE English, grades 4-9

  • English & Maths

    Highly experienced & fully qualified teachers

  • English & Maths

    All tutors with enhanced DBS certification

  • English & Maths

    Parents & schools reporting outstanding progress within 6 weeks

Proven results

Raising the academic outcomes for learners

Love Literacy has a history of proven successful results in its 10 years of service, including:

  • Over 90% pass rate for GCSE English and English Literature, grades 4-9, including re-sit Year 12 students.
  • Significantly-improved attainment of students from KS1-4 in Maths and English.
  • Primary students progress at least one level to working 'at' or' 'above' the expected standard 90% of the time.
  • Students pass SATS and 11+ examinations.
  • Parents and school leaders reporting outstanding progress of primary and secondary-aged learners within 6 weeks of engagement.
English & Maths tuition

Handpicked tutors

Love Literacy staff are dedicated to the development of every learner. With this in mind, experienced staff are carefully selected, vetted and additionally trained to deliver high-quality lessons.

Every student gets to focus on bespoke targets catered to their personal development. It is a real joy seeing them work through challenges, discuss ideas with their peers and they return to their respective school classrooms with a greater sense of confidence in their own abilities.


Online Learning

Love Literacy Online provides holiday booster courses and regular tuition for Primary and Secondary school students, preparing students for exam success, whilst fostering a love for learning.

Students access their learning portal using their unique log-in details and have access to the live lesson, learning materials and homework. Online homework assesses progress and students and parents are given both formative and summative feedback.



Welcome to a learning community where experienced teachers and staff are both tutors and mentors, training and supporting students to excel. Love Literacy runs a year-long programme, providing weekly classes.
Both online and face-to-face classes includes:
* Qualified and experienced Teachers * Annual registration fee * English, Maths KS1-4 * Specialist 11+ exam classes * Two annual progress reports * Regular homework *Discounted booster courses *Discounted theatre trips


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Raising the academic outcomes for learners

Trusted by parents, students & teachers

At Year 10 Lulu was on grade 3 and predicted a grade 4. […] Zara started with Lulu from scratch and was able to identify her weakness, hence building on her strength. By the end, Zara had build a very confident child. Lulu surprised herself with a grade 8 in English Language and English Literature..
~Mrs Egbom, parent

I have just received my results today and I am happy to say that I got a 9 in both English Lit and English Language. I am ever so grateful for your help and I would like to say that my grade 9 is all down to you.
~Zoya, student

"I cannot thank you enough for how you've helped Iman. In spite of Iman being capable she was never able to achieve these results - your guidance has been amazing. It wasn't easy and she did not have great confidence in her abilities but she worked hard. Zara, you are an epitome of a great teacher. Any child who has you as their teacher is truly blessed. You did not just tutor Iman, but you taught her the value of hard work, you showed her she can achieve, you taught her to believe in herself - very important life lessons. I cannot thank you enough, I never can."
~Mrs Ahamed, parent

As a typical teenager, I was reserved about spending my Saturday mornings doing more work. However, I am so grateful I was pushed to do more and in doing so, I achieved more. I gained a grade 5 in Maths, grade 7 in English Language and a grade 8 in English Literature. My gratitude will be everlasting.
~Veronica, student

Love Literacy was instrumental in the success of one of our students who arrived to the UK as an unaccompanied 15 year old; he had never been to school and couldn't hold a pen. [...] With her enthusiasm, expert knowledge of literacy and warm nature, Zara was successful in building on the foundations that had been laid. She provided one to one lessons, accommodating the pupil's every need- not just academically but emotionally and socially. He left us confident enough to hold a basic conversation and with enough literacy to secure a part-time job after leaving school
~Mrs Harris, SENCO and Inclusion Manager- Mayfield School

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